Helping Hands India and New Hope for Children Orphanages

How God led “Appa” George to start Helping Hands India and the New Hope for Children Orphanages

Helping Hands India was established in 2001, with compassion and commitment when  the Lord touched the heart of George Fernandes, a young counselor and theologian. Children call him “Appa” (Father) George.  Appa George, almost an orphan himself, learned to be stronger in faith through his own life experiences.  When he was on the verge of giving up, God transformed his life to transform many lives for Christ.  Far from being an easy journey, it was full of difficulties.  In the midst of these difficulties Appa George could feel and witness the hand of Christ leading forward. George is blessed wife his wife Jyothi, and they are blessed with two sons and one daughter.

In the beginning: New Hope Children’s Home in Bangalore…

New Hope Children’s Home was birthed in the year 2001 at Bangalore, India, with 10 children.  Today that first orphanage provides food, clothing, education, and a loving home for 60 children. Our children attend one of the best schools in Bangalore and study in English medium.  The children get A and B grades in the school.  They begin the day with devotions, and they are growing spiritually and getting baptized.  

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New Hope Children’s Camps:  Orphans can take the gospel to the unreached
Children at risk and children can take the gospel to the unreached. Helping Hands India realized the need for reaching the children and began holding children camps. Thus far 34 children camps have been conducted in three southern states of India, reaching 25,000 children. Children learn the word of God and are enlightened with puppet shows, biographical movies, skits, and games.

New Hope for Children Orphanage in Rajoli

In the year 2009, Appa George heard from one of the pastors that children were thrown into a dust bin or kept near the railway track. He rushed to the site and found the sayings were truth. Hence, he began the NHFC Orphanage near Tungabadra River.  In the same year, heavy rainfall devastated most of the villages in Andhra Pradesh, India with floods. Many lost their lives, including three of the children at our orphanage.   HHI rushed with aid and helped  children and families.  Through a gift from a U.S. ministry, HHI was able to purchase a small piece of land and built a small shelter. Later, this orphanage moved to a  new and larger shelter at Rajoli.   

New Hope for Children Orphanage at  Bhadrachalam 

“They are people who have never seen a light, have never put on proper clothes, who do not know about education, who eat mud for hunger, and who still hunt humans!” Yes, Bhadrachalam is known for  tribal villages.  Sreenu from Koya Tribe was saved by the word of God and came to Bible College for theological studies, where Appa George was studying.  In 2010, Pastor Sreenu invited Appa George to visit his village and people. Appa George visited this village and was filled with tears and compassion for them, especially the children who had no proper clothing, shelter, education and food.  Small children were sitting and eating mud, which resulted in swollen stomachs and other diseases. George decided to purchase a piece of land and established a children’s home for 27 children. Today these 27 children are grateful to God for what He has done in their lives. Helping Hands India is providing 3 meals per day, shelter, education, and most importantly, showing the Love of Jesus Christ to these children. There is a great need to assist the communities here, and we are asking God to open the doors to transform lives of the each  individual. 

New Hope for Children Community Center at Ambur

Ambur is located in the state of Tamil Nadu.  One of the problems that Ambur faces is polluted ground water, which is not potable.  This causes the community’s inhabitants to suffer with many ailment like bronchitis and tuberculosis.  Rev. Victor invited Appa George to help his village children at Machumbut. HHI has established a transformation center which serves 25 children in providing food, medical care, education and the love of Christ.  This is helping us to reach parents, siblings, and community through children.

Old-aged and young widow care…

Appa George, witnessed with his own eyes the plight of aged,  which paved a way to minister to the aid of old and young widows.  Elderly are very much neglected in the family, and widows having no proper care, often go astray.  HHI has adopted the Jeevanahalli slum, providing a small stipend and teaching them  vocational skills for income generation and to assist them in getting government benefits.

Church planting training program

Appa George was interested to see pastors taking the gospel to unreached places, but was concerned that they had the Bible knowledge to avoid misleading their congregations. So he set up a church planting training program. Pastors and lay leaders receive training to equip themselves and reach their own community with the gospel without any linguistic, cultural or color barriers. Over the years, 84 church planters have graduated and established 102 churches. 

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Pastor George and his wife Jyothi are Poppa and Momma for over 130 children in New Hope Orphanages.  Other ministries of Pastor George and Helping Hands India include widows aid, children's church camps, pastoral training, and church planting.To learn more about these other ministries, click here.

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