Update on crisis situation with ministry to orphans in India

Two weeks ago, we informed readers of a crisis situation with Pastor George's ministry in India.  Donations in India have fallen off sharply because he operates orphanages as a Christian ministry.  His local government is fundamentalist Hindu.  (Please see the full text of his prayer request below.)
Thanks to 17 individuals and families who responded with donations, Pastor George's ministry was fully funded for March.
Now, Pastor faces April, May, June, and the months after.
As of this writing, Pastor George has 40 financial partners and sponsors for children.  We praise God that you are standing with us in ministry to God's special children in India.
Pastor George needs 300 individuals, families, or churches who will help him on a monthly basis. 

Finding 260 new partners in a short period of time is impossible… with man.  However, we know that with God… nothing is impossible!
Is God calling you?  Please prayerfully consider helping with a monthly gift of any amount.  Just $10 a month will bless Pastor George and let him know that you are standing with him!  We pray for an average contribution of $25 per month.
Pastor George wishes to give you a personal update from India.

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Here is full text of our earlier posting about the crisis in India...

 "I am concerned. I know God is in control of everything. I still have hope that God would open the doors for us. Being deep-rooted Christian, I am unable to compromise Christ for the sake of donations in India."  

(Editor's Note to friends of  Big Family Mission and New Hope for Children Orphanages:  Pastor George recently wrote to us asking for prayer.  It is difficult for us to imagine the political and spiritual battles that he faces daily.  Will you please join with us in praying for Pastor George and his family and his ministry?  We share his letter below.  As Pastor expresses, he is in the middle of a financial crisis.  If you feel led to make a gift to help Pastor George shed the Light and Love of Christ in India, you can click here to go to to our online donation page.  There is an immediate need for $3,000 to meet expenses for the month of March. You will also find a link to our online donation page at the bottom of this posting.  Thank you!)

Greetings to you in Christ name!

   I humbly thank you for everything that you are doing towards New Hope for Children Orphanages and Helping Hands India.
   I thank God for your partnership: your partnership lifted the condition and situation of Helping Hands India ministries. God heard our prayers and extended the grace and hope.
   We thank Big Family Mission which obeyed the call of the Lord and begun to cater the needs of HHI children, especially finding sponsors and helping us to build Rajoli Children’s Home.
Through BFM God sent the Scott family who brought blessings, smiles and happiness in the lives of HHI ministries.
   We are very much grateful and honored to have your care and concern towards HHI ministries.
Pastor George and his wife minister to children in tribal village
   HHI began in the year 2001.  Since then God has been faithful to us in taking care of the needs and concerns of HHI.  We witness He sends angels to lift us up in the time of needs and concerns. And He helped us to go to different people (Hindus, Muslims etc) to raise funds for the needs and concerns of HHI.  Later, as need arose and call of God was obeyed, we extended the mission to Bhadrachalam, Rajoli, Ambur, and to widows and pastors.
   Now, HHI being a Christian organization, it is getting difficult to raise funds locally.  (The Karnataka State is ruled by Fundamental Hindu Party.) 
   I am facing lots of problems and struggle.  Recently, I pledged my wife’s family jewelry and took a loan, but God blessed us during the recent visit of the Scott family and we were able to pay the loan.
  Because we have not been able to raise funds locally, this month has become a total crisis for us.
   I thank God for last month’s funds from BFM and Scott’s family. Somehow we could take care of the month but this month I only could receive  
   I could pay only rents, medicals, electrical, milk, water, vegetables, and for some of children’s education expenses.    
   But I still have to take care for almost $5,000 in expenses.  
   I am concerned. I know God is in control of everything. I still have hope that God would open the doors for us. Being deep-rooted Christian. I am unable to compromise Christ for the sake of donations in India.   
   I haven’t paid salaries to staff yet.  Of course they are too in need of funds to take care their personal needs.
   Pastors and widows depend only on our honorarium; I have no words for them.
   I have no one to share with but you. I thank God because apart from Him, He has given me grace to share with you. All these days I just kept these struggles within me and sometimes burnt out. I need your prayers. As I was praying, I am moved to share with you. 
   Thanks for standing along. We are grateful. 
   Please pray, care, and suggest.
   You are in our prayers.

Yours in His Mission,

Pastor George

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Pastor George and his wife Jyothi are Poppa and Momma for over 130 children in New Hope Orphanages.  Other ministries of Pastor George and Helping Hands India include widows aid, children's church camps, pastoral training, and church planting.To learn more about these other ministries, click here.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with New Hope Orphanages on a monthly basis.  A gift of any size will bless our children and bless you as the giver!  Our very secure donation page gives you the option of making a one-time gift or monthly gift.  If you prefer not to enter your information online, we also give you the option of printing out a donation form and mailing it to us.  Big Family Mission, in the USA, receives gifts for New Hope Orphanages and sends 100% of donations to India to aid the orphans.  Just click on the GIVE button to learn