India's Untouchables

In Hindu Religion, those who have lived exceptionally wicked past lives are believed to reincarnate into the lowest and poorest caste, called the “untouchables.” They believe this caste should be punished for their past sins. All of the children at NHC Home are deemed un-touchable through India's caste system and are seen as a burden to society.

NHC Home gives un-touchable children new hope. Here they are cared for, loved and lead to seek the truth through the gospel. No longer labeled as un-touchable, the children of NHC Home flourish as sons and daughters of the highest King.

Christ has taught us that all human beings are made in the image and likeness of God. We get only one life on this earth, and it is a preparation for eternal life in Heaven. As Christians we must not turn our back on the untouchables, instead we must love and care for them as our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please allow us to continue to change India's perceptions based on misguided religious beliefs. By partnering with Big Family Mission and sponsoring a child you are helping shaped a new generation of believers.

One hundred percent of your monthly sponsorship of $29 per month will provide food, clothing, education, and a proper Christian upbringing to a child who would otherwise be un-touchable. As a sponsor you will be able to develop a personal relationship with your sponsored child, write them and even visit them if you wish.

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Pastor George and his wife Jyothi are Poppa and Momma for over 130 children in New Hope Orphanages.  Other ministries of Pastor George and Helping Hands India include widows aid, children's church camps, pastoral training, and church planting.To learn more about these other ministries, click here.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with New Hope Orphanages on a monthly basis.  A gift of any size will bless our children and bless you as the giver!  Our very secure donation page gives you the option of making a one-time gift or monthly gift.  If you prefer not to enter your information online, we also give you the option of printing out a donation form and mailing it to us.  Big Family Mission, in the USA, receives gifts for New Hope Orphanages and sends 100% of donations to India to aid the orphans.  Just click on the GIVE button to learn