Provide hope and encouragement for children who have no sponsors!

  • There are currently 136 children at the four Christian homes for orphans in Bangalore, Rajoli, Ambur, and Bhadrachalam, India.
  • Over 50 of the children at the 4 New Hope for Children Orphanages have waited for longer than 6 months to find a sponsor.
  • Now you can provide hope and encouragement for these children by donating to our Unsponsored Child Fund.
  • Donors to the Unsponsored Child Fund can write letters and send cards to any (or all) of the children who do not have sponsors.
  • You may contribute on a monthly basis (as little as $5)... or you may make a one-time or occasional gift to the Fund.
  • Those who contribute to the Unsponsored Child Fund will receive letters from the children.  (It is always difficult for unsponsored children when it is time to write letters to sponsors... so your participation will give the children a person to write to as their sponsor.)
  • Donors to this Fund will receive all the information about children and their activities that are communicated to regular sponsors.
  • 100% of all donations to New Hope for Children go to India and are used for food, clothing, education, and a loving home for the children.
  • Donations in countries outside India are processed through Big Family Mission, a USA-based mission society which is operated by volunteers.  Gifts are tax-deductible for U.S. donors.
  • Please encourage our unsponsored children with your gift today!
CLICK HERE or on the button to go to our secure donation page for the Unsponsored Child Fund.  You can make donations via credit card, debit card, your checking account, or through the mail.  Your donation today will be a big blessing to the children who do not have sponsors!

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Pastor George and his wife Jyothi are Poppa and Momma for over 130 children in New Hope Orphanages.  Other ministries of Pastor George and Helping Hands India include widows aid, children's church camps, pastoral training, and church planting.To learn more about these other ministries, click here.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with New Hope Orphanages on a monthly basis.  A gift of any size will bless our children and bless you as the giver!  Our very secure donation page gives you the option of making a one-time gift or monthly gift.  If you prefer not to enter your information online, we also give you the option of printing out a donation form and mailing it to us.  Big Family Mission, in the USA, receives gifts for New Hope Orphanages and sends 100% of donations to India to aid the orphans.  Just click on the GIVE button to learn